What does God want you to do with your life?

Have you considered vocational ministry?

Many university students feel a calling to help people. They may even be open to working in ministry. They can usually see themselves as youth pastors or leading Bible studies, but cannot picture themselves pastoring a church.


The Wesley Academy is designed to help college graduates discern whether they are called into vocational ministry by giving them hands on, practical ministry experience and giving them a window into what vocational ministry could look like for them.

Most simply put, the Wesley Academy exists close the gap between you and your calling!

What is the Wesley Academy?

The Wesley Academy is an internship program designed to help college graduates continue their ministry training while being missionaries to the West Texas A&M campus. Those in the program are considered "mission staff" and raise funds as missionaries do. As staff, these missionaries mentor Grow rings, coach Fusion, and develop Resource teams half of the time, while pairing with a local church the other half to help them build the ministries in their church.

Why campus ministry?

When we think of "missions," we tend to think about the work on foreign soil. However, there are thousands and thousands of unsaved students coming into the university every year. Not only that, but these students are at an extremely important stage of deciding who they are going to be. In the first two years as an undergraduate, students make decisions that will continue to impact their lives for decades after graduation. University students have been known to change the world. All of the past three Great Spiritual Awakenings originated from universities!

The Academy is a 3 part system.

Academy Missionaries receive training in three focused ways: 


1. Ministry experience, working with the Wesley and a local church 

2. Wednesday morning modules

3. Specific ministry tracks

Hands On Ministry Experience

Academy Missionaries work on staff at the Wesley in a variety of ways, but mainly by mentoring and leadership development of undergraduate students.


Academy Missionaries are paired with a local church where they serve part-time in either their youth, worship, or children's ministry. This is how Academy Missionaries are able to see what ministry looks like in a local church context!




Example Modules:

  • Missiology

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Professional Skills

  • Financial Peace University

  • Administration 

  • Leadership

  • Theology

  • Hermeneutics (Inductive Bible Study practice)

  • Homiletics (How to preach)

  • Church History

Wednesday mornings are devoted to our training modules, designed to develop all the Academy Missionaries' ministry knowledge. Think of this as the "core curriculum." 


Leading pastors and community leaders train in a variety of topics needed for ministry. These modules range from theology and ministry practices to finances and professional skills.

Specific Ministry Track

Each Academy Missionary chooses a specific ministry track to focus on throughout the year. Like Wednesday morning modules, they receive training, but more specifically in the field of ministry they are interested in exploring. Think of this like your "major."

Current Specific Ministry Tracks:

  • Pastoral

  • Outreach

  • Media

  • Missions

  • Worship

Questions? Want to learn more about the Academy?

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