Well, we just wrapped up the semester utilizing online ministry to the best of our abilities. Like most churches, we were scrambling to see what ministry looked like when there are no people around us. What does it mean to “be the church?” “Is the church essential to society?” “When are we crossing the line between ‘being responsible’ and ‘being fearful?'” And a lot of other thoughts like that.

We finished up our last series called “Ortho: 7 anchors in a world of shifting spirituality,” completely online in an interview/sermon type format on Facebook Live. It was a series about the basics of Orthodox Christian Theology and why we believe what we believe as Christians. It’s a deeply intellectual series, so I hope you enjoy.

Meanwhile, we are deep in the throes of planning for our next season of fall outreaches for new students whom we hope will arrive in August. We have no idea whether we will even be able to meet in groups or not. This has been a particular challenge, seeing that our ministry is built around community, helping students “belong before they believe,” worshipping together, and hanging out together.

Nevertheless, we are preparing and planning as if we’ll be back in full swing in August (with a plan A, B, and C in tow). We are praying that we’ll be able to reach out to freshmen in full force, and we are taking on 4 new Wesley Academy Mission Staff in June. We can’t wait to share their pictures and bios on orientation week, so stay tuned for that!

As always, we’d love to stay connected with you in any way that we can. If you every have any prayer needs, or someone to talk to, please email me at mikey@wtwesley.com.

WT Wesley Foundation Director

Mikey Littau