Join us as we discuss what we mean when we say we have a core value of "Safe Place."
What does it mean to live in godly community? What did the early church look like and how should we use that as a model for how we live today.
We look at our Core Value of Multiplication.
Core Values Part 1: The Wesley is driven by six core values that we feel keeps us balanced and going in the right direction. This is part one.
We celebrate our graduating seniors and look at the life of Samson, what lessons he teaches us, and how we can apply it to our lives.
The Charismatic Movement
Continuation of our look at the contemplative movement in our video series Convergence.
Part 5 in our Convergence series. We discuss the contemplative movement.
The Evangelical Movement.Corresponding Episode 4 at:
Falcon must decide whether he will continue to work with the COG or help girls stuck in a slavery unit.

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