This week we follow Acts chapters 3-5. BOLDNESS is a hallmark of the Baptism of the Spirit. These boys can't stop, won't stop preaching the name of Jesus.
Relentless is a journey through the book of Acts. What characterized these heroes? We see from them "a Relentless pursuit of God and a relentless pursuit of the people He…
Looking at the Book of Daniel chapters 3-6 we see what matters in life is the "little things"
As we look into the Book of Daniel, we see how the Babylonian Empire sought to assimilate the Israelites. Have we been assimilated into a Cultural Christianity without even knowing…
What does God want to do with my future?
Questions submitted and covered at Tupos during the "Got Questions" Series Questions: Who was Romans 7 written to? Why does there even have to be the option of hell? Why…
What does the Old Testament have to do with us? Why do we follow some laws from the Old Testament and not others? Why did God command genocide in the…
Ten steps The Devil uses to take down a move of God. Watch Whispers Episode 6 here
"Romantic Relationships have Supernatural Ramifications" Watch the Episode here first:
"Godly Friendships are not optional." The word "Together" is mentioned in the Bible 484 times. A threefold cord will not easily be broken. Watch Whispers Episode 4 here

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