"The Message will Never Change, but the Method May" Our three enemies are: Satanic forces, The Flesh, and the Ways of the World. Each one requires a different defense. How…
"Prayer is a Weapon" In this sermon, we see what authority we have in prayer to use prayer as a weapon against the enemy to poke holes in the darkness…
"What part do Angels and demons play in this spiritual battle we are in?" What do you believe about angels, demons, and the devil? What is the purpose of angels…
"What we do in life ECHOES in Eternity" This sermon covers the main point of the film, "Echoes," and discusses the hard realities of what happens right after death. Which…
Dating for Dummies. What is a good working definition to dating? When would you know if you are ready to date?
A view inside the female mind and how she works. Find out why love is so important for her.
Get inside the male mind and discover why he does what he does, and why Respect is more important to him than love.
How can we use a season of singleness for the glory of God
God shows the Roman Centurion the Power of his Glory.
Tonight we follow Simon of Cyrene and we find the wonder of God choosing to limit himself to make room for relationship.

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