The WT Wesley is a community of passionate college students with a desire to see Christ grow in their lives, hearts, and campus at West Texas A&M University. We worship together every Tuesday night at Tupos and regularly meet together in small groups to intentionally invest in each other and grow in our faith.

  • Welcoming
    We care about you no matter where you are in life. Our motto is, "you belong before you believe."
  • Attire
    Come dressed in whatever you wear to class...or sweatpants. If those are the same, no one will know!
  • Worship
    Each Tupos Service starts with modern worship lead mostly by students.
  • Message
    After worship, our Director, Mikey Littau brings a powerful teaching.


At the WT Wesley Foundation, we are driven by 6 Core Values:

  1. To keep Jesus at the center of who we are as individuals and of who we are as an organization.
  2. To be a safe place, where you can be yourself and explore new ideas creatively.
  3. To be a strong community, we hold to the value "you belong before you believe," meaning you don't have to be Christian or a Methodist to be a part of the Wesley.
  4. To be a place that is alive and growing; we call this "multiplication" because a place that is alive should be growing both numerically and in depth spiritually. We strive to "always be open to outsiders."
  5. To be a place where every member is in ministry; meaning everyone has been created by God with a specific design and purpose. Everyone has something to contribute.
  6. To be a place where every member is growing to maturity, we aim to never stop growing in our faith!