The WT Wesley is a community of passionate college students with a desire to see Christ grow in their lives, hearts, and campus at West Texas A&M University.

We worship together every Tuesday night at Tupos and regularly meet together in small groups to intentionally invest in each other and grow in our faith.


What to Expect

We would love for you to worship with us! Every Tuesday at 8:00pm we meet together in the WT VHAC Ballroom for our TUPOS worship service!



We care about you no matter where you are in life. Our motto is, “you belong before you believe.”



Each Tupos starts with modern worship lead by our student filled worship band!



Come dressed in whatever you wear to class…or sweatpants. If those are the same, no one will know!



After worship, our Director, Mikey Littau, brings a powerful teaching.

What we believe.

At the WT Wesley Foundation, we are driven by 6 Core Values: 

1. To keep Jesus at the center of who we are as individuals and of who we are as an organization. 

2. To be a safe place, a place where you can be yourself and explore new ideas creatively. 

3. To be a strong community, we hold to the value “you belong before you believe,” meaning you don’t have to be Christian or a Methodist to be a part of the Wesley.

4. To be a place that is alive and growing; we call this multiplication because we believe a place which is alive should be growing both numerically and in depth, spiritually. 

5. To be a place where every member is in ministry; meaning everyone has something to contribute if they want, so every member is a minister.

6. To be a place where every member is growing to maturity, we aim to never stop growing in our faith!


We believe God’s plan will be accomplished as we cultivate a relationship with Him during Tupos (our weekly worship service), cultivate community by “breaking bread from house to house” in Fusion Small Groups (Acts 2:42-43), and cultivate leadership by mentoring students to continue the legacy of the Wesley Foundation as they graduate and become pillars of a local church.

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