Wives, Husbands, Children, Parents, Employees, Employers, Church Members and Church Leaders all have a role to play in the Covenantal Society. In a world that says there shouldn't be roles…
Sometimes when God is quiet, He's saying something. Following Malachi 2:10-14 we look at how our horizontal relationships with other humans can affect our vertical relationship with God.
If you are a Christian, it is not an option to be in community with other believers, but who you "yoke" with is very important.
Paul tells Timothy to not neglect the gift that is within him. Later, he has to tell him to "Stir it back up again." What causes us to shrink back…
How you see God will determine how you respond to Him. Our picture of God is the single most important thing in life.
What do you do when bad things happen to you? How do we keep from living as a victim of circumstance? It's time to upgrade our Response to Pain
Most Christians have no idea about the fullness of what all happened to them when they gave their lives to Christ. It's time to LEVEL UP our minds. There's MORE!
Jesus came to bring LIFE and life more abundant. What keeps us from that? Find out here.
In this Episode, we look at various interpretations of the end times, always making sure we are ready for the 2nd Coming of Christ, and what happens to these bodies…
Ecclesiology: What is the Church and Why are we still here. We all believe something about how the church should be run, what we should believe, why we meet, if…
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