The Christians of Acts 12 pray earnestly for Peter's release from jail and possible execution...but do they believe God will really open prison doors with their prayers?
Philip has his ears open to God's Guidance, so that when he hears God's directive, he goes wherever he was sent. On the road, he gets near enough to hear…
As we start our look through the Book of Acts and the first Christians, we see God urge Paul to take on a kid he didn't know, and we see…

Guest Speaker Dr. Wendler

October 26, 2021
President Wendler speaks at Tupos over the Book of James.

The Assurance of Salvation

October 12, 2021
Can we know that we are saved? Is it possible to lose that salvation? Many say no while others say yes? Let's dive in, shall we?
What do you do with tragedy and chaos when it comes? God does not always give us the answers that we want, but if answers were what we needed, he…

Guest Preacher, Nathan Teeters

September 28, 2021
We explore Acts 3 and the Boldness of a believer.

Have you "made the trade?" We discuss trading the labels we carry for something far greater as we "All In."
With so many voices broadcasting at all times, it's easy to get lost. We have to tune into the right channel.
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