2 books of Kings in the Bible, 2 Prophets, 2 Widows...when you don't have enough, what do you do with what you have left?
Looking at the reigns of Rehoboam and Jeroboam, we will see how "Not Enough" is a scarcity mentality that keeps us from generosity and praise.
Solomon, the wisest man, gets the chance to lead well. His dad shows him what Moses said about kings and how to lead. It's in his hands. What will he…
This would-be-king forces his way onto the scene with overreactions. Was he justified? When David Avoids dealing with the personal problems in his family, Absalom takes justice into his own…
There are many lessons we could learn from King David's life, spanning over six books of the Old Testament, but the lesson we bring this session is the act of…
Following the reign of King Saul from 1 Samuel 9-32 we watch Saul's spiral of shame and learn how we can avoid doing the same.
How do you take back your mind from anxious thoughts and fears? How do you go from being negative to positive, and make the shift to "having the mind of…
Hezekiah and his men dig a tunnel from the Spring of Gihon, to the Pool of Siloam to keep their source of sustaining strength from the enemy. In this sermon…
In 2 Chronicles 32, Sennacherib's armies surround the city of Jerusalem and tries to get Hezekiah to surrender. But God helps them in their time of need. There will always…
In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and lifted up.
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